Wordpress Security Services

We secure our customers by securing their website

In today’s modern world there are three major this that we read regarding wordpress security services. First is security is most important for wordpress website, Second is Security is often overlooked and the third and the last one is security is often approached in its ubiquitous sense. We are having a huge wordpress technical team who work for wordpress security malware cleanup and removal from any WordPress website. Let’s discuss some stats related to wordpress security so we hope that you read it carefully which is given below. There are a lot of question come in our mind before establishing any business on wordpress website that wordpress is secure or wordpress site not secure? We are going to discuss all these things here in this article wordpress security scan.

Wordpress Security Stats

According to our research in the wordpress security field, there are more than 90.87 hack attempts have been done on wordpress website in one minute. After looking towards these horrible stats we always push our mind and think that how to secure our wordpress website from hackers and malware attacks. However, you don’t work about that we are here to provide top class security for your wordpress website. We are presenting this platform for securing any wordpress website for the past many years.

On average stats, their are more than 18.5 million websites that are attacked by the hacker and malware attackers. On average one website can be attacked 44 times in a single day. On a rough note, there are more than 90, 000 websites that are hacked in one day. Out of them, there are more than 83% of the website are from wordpress. A normal website attacked 44 times in a single day.

What is the reason that the user required wordpress security services?

There are a lot of reasons present but we are going to discuss some common reasons. These reason has been faced by most of the users. There is almost all type of business website which has been created in wordpress.

How to provide a secure experience for the users?

We discuss above that if we want to create online user data information then we required online translation with the help of filling the contact form. At that time user required an SSL certificate implement on the WordPress website. SSL certificate is so important for many purposes that are if users selling online products, creating an online order list for their potential customer services. However, all customers are not going to leave their payment information on your website if the wordpress website is not secure with an SSL certificate.

Malware Monitoring

It is a kind of virus or a program that is used to disrupt the operation system of the computer or Machine. This Malware is basically developed or created from many types of viruses such as trojans, spyware, WordPress ransomware, WordPress Phishing attack,🚪 backdoors, or pirate administrator kitsmany more. These are making billions of dollars losses every year and also affect productivity for all types of business. There are a lot of methods to save or protect wordpress websites from malware attacks. These attack has been done mostly on javaScript.

Vulnerability Assessment

WordPress security Vulnerabilities assessment is a way to test your WordPress website with the help of Vulnerability. We are going to the best security services that give you a complete detailed report after defeating your defense system. However, we got complete loopholes details then we are going to fix them manually or automatically after doing wordpres security scan.

Standard firewall or web application firewall

As we know a firewall is a type of security gad to deflect all types of malware attacks or hackers. But in today’s modern era it is very easy to bleach all types of firewalls. However, we provide the best Web application firewalls (WAFs). This firewall is different from all types of firewalls. It changes its structure automatically and protects all types of web applications and WordPress websites from inclusion, cross-site scripting, and SQL command injection attacks. These can also easily remove by providing all one WordPress security and firewall plugin.

Reduced attacks by DDOS

This is a Sevier attack that has been done by attackers in a large network of a compromised system. This attack is done by doing cybercriminals, hackers, and even computer thugs. To reduce this kind of attack our team required to understand normal traffic behavior patterns and also the difference between bots and user behavior. We provide service filter bots to resolve these kinds of attacks or issues. We are the best WordPress security service provider and working on this for the last many years.